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The Baltimore Choral Arts Society commissioned Mallonée to write a piece celebrating their longtime music director, Tom Hall, who retired in 2017. The piece was premiered in March 2017 at the Kraushaar Auditorium in Towson, MD.

Look For Us Again

The Baltimore Choral Arts Society

Leo Wanenchak, conducting

March 2017


telling where the wind comes from

  open a story.



telling where the wind goes     

  end a story.


These eager pencils

come to a stop

…only…when the stars high over

come to a stop.      


Out of cabalistic tomorrows

come cryptic babies calling life

a strong and a lovely thing.

I have seen neither these

nor the stars high over      

come to a stop.

Neither these nor the sea horses

running with the clocks of the moon.

Nor even a shooting star

snatching a pencil of fire      

writing a curve of gold and white.

Like you…I counted the shooting stars of a winter

night and my head was dizzy with all

of them calling one by one:

          Look for us again.      

—Carl Sandburg