Caroline Mallonée: Da Pacem Domine (2011)

Da Pacem Domine (2011)


4 minutes

Da Pacem Domine

performed by the Vocalis Chamber Choir,

James Burritt, conducting.


Da pacem, Domine,          Give us peace, Lord,

in diebus nostris                in our time

Quia non est alius             For there is no one

Qui pugnet pro nobis        Who will fight for us

Nisi tu                                If not you,

Deus noster.                     Our God. 

Performance History:

Premiered in New York, NY by the Florilegium Chamber Choir, Nicholas DeMaison conducting (2012).

Performed in Buffalo, NY and at the Cambridge Summer Music Festival (UK), by the Vocális Chamber Choir, James Burritt, conducting (2014).

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